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Send to School

help us sending a disconnected kid to school, your contribution will meet the basic needs of sending a child for a year to school .. more

Water Plant

Water Filter Plant

We believe the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are the root causes of hunger, disease and poverty throughout the developing world. more

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Your donations can help, sending a child to school, fill a hungry tummy and to empower a vulnerable kid .. more

Donation from Germany for Pakistan Flood Victims

main imageDear Brothers and Sisters, please note the need for the Pakistani Flood victims, we were collecting Medication , Food and Clothings for the coming winter. Many thanks for the contribution that many gave open hearted during Ramazan,Dr Naeem Landstuhl Hospital, Dr Landau Quaidersbach, Dr Klatt Landstuhl, Dr Gruenentahl from Bann, Apotheke Quaidersbach, Dr Koenig from Ramstein, All members of Dittib Landstuhl Mosque and the President Mr Umer, Ramstein AB Multi Faith Center The Imam Walid of Masgid Noor and his comunity,USO KL, Abdullah of Pizza Pyramid,Kaiserslautern Dittib Mosque and the IZK Masgid of Kaiserslauten,Mr Buchari of The Technical University KL and Students,Mr T Abdullah of A and M Gbr Ramstein, Ludwigshafen Turkish community,Mr Demir of ZBB GmBH Mannheim and Turkish community , Karlsruhe Sudent accosiation, Frankfurt PIA Staff, Konstanz Turkish Community, Mr Hankier of Aladin Galaery and Arabic comunity in Heidelberg,Mt Sheikh Kashif Money contrebution from The KL Linke etc..

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